RDN/NDTR Defined

Registered Dietitian (RDN)

A food and nutrition expert who has met academic and professional requirements as defined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Registered Dietitians are leaders in the field of nutrition in a variety of settings. This credential indicates that your dietitian is fully qualified to meet your needs. This qualification allows an accurate assessment and decision for nutritional care.

Who are RDNs

What do RDNs do in Montana


Licensed Nutritionist (LN)

Montana is one of the few states that licenses RDNs as nutritionists. The reason being that in 1987 when dietitians were seeking licensure, legislators wanted to know the difference between RDNs and nutritionists. When told that RDNs thorough training also made them nutritionists they suggested that if only dietitians were licensed, then unqualified persons could call themselves nutritionists, an unprotected title. Protection of the health and safety of Montanans is the primary purpose of licensure and a proliferation of “nutritionists” would not ensure it. So… the bill was modified to require licensure for nutritionists, and a requirement for licensure is to be a Registered Dietitian.

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Dietetic Technician (NDTR)

Dietetic technicians, registered (NDTRs), are trained in food and nutrition and are an integral part of the health-care and foodservice management teams. To be a NDTR one must
complete a dietetic technician program by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

A dietetic technician, registered, often working in partnership with registered dietitians, screens, evaluates and educates patients; manages and prevents diseases such as diabetes and obesity and monitors patients’ and clients’ progress. NDTRs work in settings such as hospitals and clinics, extended-care facilities, home health-care programs, schools, correctional facilities, restaurants, food companies, foodservice providers, public health agencies, government and community programs such as Meals on Wheels, health clubs, weight management clinics and wellness centers.

Careers in Dietetics

Dietetics is the science of foods and nutrition to promote good health. Dietetic professionals work in a variety of settings in careers that are challenging, creative and exciting. If that is the type of career you seek, then dietetics is the field for you.

In Montana, dietetic programs are offered at Montana State University.

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