Award of Excellence for Nutrition Advocacy

In 2008, the Montana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MTAND), formerly the Montana Dietetic Association, established the MTAND Award of Excellence for Nutrition Advocacy for the purpose of publicly recognizing Montana individual(s) who have worked to optimize the health of Montanans by support and promotion of food and nutrition.



  1. The name of an individual to be considered for this award may be submitted by MTAND members. The nominee cannot be a member of MTAND.
  2. The nominee must be a Montana resident, and can be male or female, of any age.
  3. The nominee may be from the private or public sector.
  4. The nominee must have worked actively and consistently for a minimum of five (5) years promoting and supporting food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles, and demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the issues and policies involved.
  5. Deadline for submission of a nominee will be at least forty-five (45) days prior to the annual MTAND Food & Nutrition Summit (FANS) and may be made electronically or by mail.
  6. Up to three persons a year will be chosen by the Awards Committee to receive an MTAND Award of Excellence for Nutrition Advocacy.
  7. Award presentation(s) will be made at the annual MTAND FANS.


MTAND Award – Excel Nutr Advocacy_2023_ Nomination form