Input for AND House of Delegates Needed – Respond by 12/17/18

Hello Montana AND members,

Please give  your input by December 17th on what topic you would like the AND House of Delegates to explore at the Spring 2019 meeting.   Please rank 1 (top priority) to 3 (lowest priority) for the three topics below:

Topic 1: Technology in Dietetics Practice

Topic 2: Consumer Awareness and Changing Drivers of Food Choices

Topic 3: Collaborative Ready Practice.

Refer to the information below (or in attachment below) for a detailed description of the topic.

Spring 2019 HOD Meeting Topics Survey Information Final

Thank you for your time and input.   Feel free to share with your colleagues.

Please email or with your input

Topic 1:  Technology in Dietetics Practice
This topic addresses opportunities to leverage technology, Big Data and artificial intelligence across all areas of practice to expand practice and create career opportunities. It aligns with the Change Driver – Technological Obsolescence is Accelerating.

Sample question: How does the Academy/Academy’s members leverage technology to build trust, influence stakeholders and provide customizable solutions?

  • Leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (how they can integrate into and advance the work of RDNs and NDTRs; create career opportunities)
  • Expanding access to care via technology, including telehealth, apps, and remote monitoring devices.
  • Enhancing dietetics education through the use of technology.

Current Academy initiatives include Telehealth Workgroup, collection of practice resources on telehealth, licensure compact, Model Practice Act, webinars, Certificate of Training programs, ANDHII, nutrition informatics surveys, EAL telehealth project, Food & Nutrition Magazine app reviews, CDR simulation grants, and participation with the Center for Telehealth and eHealth Law.

Topic 2:  Consumer awareness and changing drivers of food choices
This topic addresses the challenges and opportunities as a consequence of heightened consumer awareness of food choices and nutrition (choosing for value; value-based food decision-making; choosing based on trust). It aligns with the Change Driver – Consumer Awareness of Food Choice Ramifications Increases.
Sample question: How can we better market the Academy’s members as trusted advisors to educate and promote evidence-based practices and science-based resources to practitioners, the public, policy makers and all (other) stakeholders?

  • Sustainability/sustainable food systems (what should be the role of the Academy/its members with regard to food and social responsibility?)
  • Evidence-based practice (what to do in the absence of evidence?)/Rapid response (science vs fads)

Current Academy initiatives include the Future of Food Initiative, Evidence-based/Evidence-informed Criteria Development Task Force, collection of practice resources on sustainable food systems, position papers, Focus Area Standards for RDNs in Sustainable, Resilient and Healthy Food and Water Systems, multiple webinars, Certificate of Training programs, Code of Ethics, and the Spokesperson program.

Topic 3:  Collaborative Ready Practice
This topic addresses the need for effective collaboration in all areas of practice. It aligns with the Change Driver – Creating Collaborative-Ready Health Professionals.
Sample question: What are the key strategies needed to position the Academy/Academy’s members as the trusted source in prevention and wellbeing, health care and health systems, and food and nutrition safety and security?

  • Interprofessional education
  • Interprofessional practice
  • Interprofessional team building/development
  • Collaboration with business and industry, governmental agencies, alliances, etc.

Current Academy initiatives include ACEND standards, CDR essential practice competencies, CDR Interdisciplinary Board Certification in Obesity and Weight Management, position papers, Standards of Practice/Standards of Professional Performance, and alliance relationships.