Jessica Setnick Eating Disorders Boot Camp – March 8-9th + March 29-30th

Jessica Setnick will be coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on March 8-9 and then Boise, Idaho on March 29-30 with her Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Next Generation workshop. If you are in the field you know this is a great opportunity to get the best of the best guidance from a 20-year veteran of eating disorder treatment. If you don’t know Jessica, you will appreciate that she keeps the group small and focuses on the practical – tools, handouts, wording – the things you can take back to the office and use immediately.  She combines the latest and most popular topics with a truly interactive framework in which the needs of the participants always direct the course, and she skips the boring basics by giving you both her books (no charge) when you register, so that the workshop can dive into the heart of the matter right away. At the end of the workshop a Certificate of Completion for all professions will be provided, including 9 CEUs for Registered Dietitians. More information and registration details are at, or email Jessica directly at with any questions.